Anyone can fly!

Complete flight simulators for you

Open a flight experience center with our simulators. Why?

1. Great bussines in aviation

2. Happy customers, wow factor

3. Easy marketing due to uniqueness

Boeing 737MAX/NG

Well known airliner with complete cockpit with 2 seats, curved projection

Whole world to discover, weather, time, failures etc.

Complete flight simulators


We offer complete solution for flight simulation with cockpit construction, flight controls, panels, visuals, computers and software.


Our simulators deliver the best flying experience both in commercial and home environment.


Our cockpit layout is 1:1 exact representation of real aircraft. But we are not affraid of custom modifications.

High fidelity

Only the best flight controls, panels and hardware is used to operate the system. High-resolution displays with optional curved FullHD visual system underliene breath-taking experience.


Change weather? Add more fuel? Switch location? Web based operator station enables full control over the simulation.

Experienced team

Our team have years of experinece with building simulation systems for customers around the world. We also offer both hardware and software custom development and delivery.