B737MAX Cockpit suite

We developed custom SW for the B737MAX simulator enabling you to fly in the newest airliner on the market. Fully compatibile with FSX and Prepar3D.


Complete MAX displays that could be resized and moved to whatever location on any screen.

  • Primary flight displays
  • Navigation displays
  • Integrated Standby Flight Display
  • CDUs (Optional)
  • MCP+EFISes (Optional)

Separate Captain and First Officer side rendering and controls.


Realistic autopilot and Flight Director functionality allowing for automated flight.

Hardware MCP and EFIS drivers for most common devices.


FMS simulation with performance calculations and route handling using the Navigraph database for SIDs/STARs etc.

Software CDU for use with touch screen as well as hardware driver for most used CDUs.


Web based Instructor Station optimized for touch control, than can be controled from anywhere through WiFi connection.

  • Position
  • Pushback
  • Weather and visibility
  • Time setting
  • Failures
  • Fuel and payload
  • Simulator control

Systems (under development)

Simulation of aircraft hydraulic, electric, fuel, lights and other systems.

Hardware driver for common Overhead and Pedestal panels.

SDK (under development)

Software development kit allows access to variables and functions of the aircraft. 

Using C++ and OpenGL developers can create their own displays, systems or hardware drivers.



  • All components
  • 15min flight time
  • Configuration save
  • Limited support (email)
  • No flight model
  • Try before buy


  • All components
  • Unlimited flight time
  • Configuration save
  • Limited support (email)
  • No flight model
  • Home builder not making profit


  • All components
  • Unlimited flight time
  • Configuration save
  • Full support (email+phone)
  • Complete flight model
  • Commercial operators (schools, entertainment, exhibition)

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