We delivered several highly accurate turnkey simulators both for public operation and research and developments. Here are some for reference.

Innovative cockpit in Dubai

Close collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace to deliver custom cockpit simulator for Dubai Airport Innovatiove centre.

  • Custom cockpit based on Boeing 737NG with Honeywell EPIC displays and controls
  • Accurate controls and panels
  • Graphical FMS
  • 3x FullHD projection
  • Custom software 

First public B737MAX simulator in the world

We own and daily operate currently the only 737MAX for public located in Brno, Czech republic, EU. It is a great experience to control such a modern aircraft both for pilot and total novice.

  • Dual linked yokes
  • Throttle quadrant
  • Accurate MIP and displays
  • Fully functional MCP and EFIS panels
  • Fully equipped pedestal and fire handles
  • Fully equipped CDUs
  • Fully equipped overhead panel
  • All panels backlit
  • Real seats

Boeing 737NG for public entertainment

Accurate representation of 737NG cockpit for active pilot.

  • Complete systems and displays simulation
  • Precise and realistic flight controls
  • Touch FMS
  • Web Instructor Station
  • 3xFullHD projection

Tight projection system upgrade

When asked to design, deliver and calibrate a very challenging curved projection used for research and development we figured the best solution.

  • Screen 3,1m in diameter, 240°FOV
  • Replacing 4x 1280×720 short throw projectors 
  • New 4x 1920×1200 short throw projectors with much higher resolution
  • Better screen coverage
  • Better brightnes and contrast

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